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A prototype of an RPG with some strategy elements set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic world.

The project features 5 levels of different difficulty, including a boss and a tutorial level. The first 3 levels are the very beginning of the game - both in terms of plot and difficulty, while 2 other levels feature a full set of abilities of all the 4 characters.

The gameplay idea is to have an experience similar to that of Dota, but where a player controls up to 4 characters at the same time. A focus is on having 2 attack modes - single and multi - that significantly change how characters use their abilities as well as ordinary attacks. Enemy units are divided into minor and major, which forces a player to switch between multi and single attack modes respectively to defeat the units.

Almost all of the assets including music and UI elements were created from scratch. Currently,  mouse and keyboard and XBox 360 controller are supported.

Any kind of feedback is more than welcome!

Although the tutorial level explains most of the controls, here they are:

Mouse / keyboard
Xbox 360 controller
Left mouse buttonN / ASelect an object
Right mouse buttonRBOrder selected units to go to the point or to switch attack target to another enemy
1 2 3 4D-pad 
Select a respective character
5LBSelect all characters
Q W E RX Y B AUse or select a respective ability of the currently selected character
SRT + AStop selected units, cancel a current destination
DRT + YPut selected units in defense mode
ART + XSwitch formation mode between manual and automatic
FRT + BSelect next major enemy unit as a common target
SpaceLTSwitch between single and multi attack modes
Shift +
1 2 3 4 
RT +
 Character multi-select
Alt + Right mouse buttonN / ARotate camera
: )Right stickMove cursor
N / ALeft stickScroll camera
Mouse wheelRT + Left stickCamera zoom


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FreeAndFunctioningPrototypeMacOS.app.zip 65 MB
FreeAndFunctioningPrototypeLinux64.zip 67 MB

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